Sun 5 Jul 2020

40a Cursa de Pallejà 2019

Pallejà, Barcelona
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On July 7, 2019 you have an appointment in Pallejà. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the 40th Cursa de Pallejà 2019!

Organized by the Pallejà Athletics Club, the Cursa Pallejà remains a benchmark for small popular races and close treatment that does not weigh down the years at all. Two distances to choose from in a well-planned and well-collected circuit full of gentle ups and downs that force you to know when to play a gear and when to take it easier.

Participating in this race you will have the opportunity to visit Pallejà, a municipality in the Baix Llobregat region that is part of the Metropolitan Area. It is located just 19 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​a distance that allows you to have the advantages of being close to a large city and at the same time enjoy a natural environment marked by the Llobregat river and the coastal mountain range. An important associative fabric and citizen participation in the social, cultural and sports life of the municipality characterize this town, which also has an important heritage: from emblematic buildings such as the Castle or La Molinada to natural sites such as the Planes massif or the Rovires fountain.


Cursa de Pallejà route 10 km, 2 laps to the 5 km route

  • Maximum height: 50m
  • Minimum height: 32m
  • Exit height: 42m
  • Arrival height: 42m
  • Departure-arrival difference: 0
  • Maximum difference in altitude: 18m
  • Ascent: 22m
  • Downhill: 32m
Club Atletisme Pallejà