Mon 14 Sep 2020 - Mon 28 Sep 2020

II Andjoy Virtual Run 5k

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Andjoy organizes a new virtual race to deal with the return to routine in September. After several months of telecommuting and summer vacation, it's time to put your sneakers back on and get back in shape.

In this second edition the route is set at 5km. Between September 14 and 28, where you can make the attempts you want to get your best mark.

In this new edition it is intended to overcome the success of the first Andjoy Virtual Run where more than 150 companies and 600 participants overcame the challenge.


Virtual Run Price Registration is free

Challenge Running 5km

When From September 14 to September 28, 2020

Wherever you want

Solidarity Cause NGO Save the Children

Prizes Just for participating you can qualify for the prize of taking a pair of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus shoes.

🥇 The first classified (male and female) will receive: 1 activity bracelet + 1 Andjoy t-shirt + 12 months of Andjoy Channels + 1 medal

🥈 The second classified (male and female) will receive: 1 Adidas bottle + 1 Andjoy shirt + 3 months of Andjoy Channels + 1 medal

🥉 The third classified (male and female) will receive: 1 Andjoy t-shirt + 1 month of Andjoy Channels + 1 medal

⭐ The most caring (largest) company will win 1 commemorative plaque + Andjoy t-shirts

In this new edition, as happened in the previous one, you will be able to collaborate in a very important solidarity cause, such as the NGO Save the Children .


What is the challenge?
It is a virtual race, in which you have to run 5 kilometers, wherever you want.

Where will I see my ranking?
On this same page you can see the classification and in what situation you have been compared to the other runners.

How do I certify that I have completed the challenge?
You will only have to enter this page, go to the "Upload time" tab (you have to log in when you enter and choose between:

* upload the screenshot of your GPS device (watch or mobile)

* or sync with Strava (and your time will update automatically)

In this link there is a summary of the devices that you can use to track your career.

What prizes can I win?

We will raffle a pair of Nike Air Zoom shoes among all those registered. The winner will be announced the day after the event ends, and only those who complete the 5km have a chance to win.

What happens if I sign up and don't run?
Absolutely nothing happens. Only that you will lose the possibility of returning home with a reward. Only those who prove that they have completed the challenge will have the possibility of taking the prize.


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It also offers the option of being able to enjoy online classes from personal trainers and collaborating centers through its own channels, Andjoy Channels .

With a single subscription and without enrollment or minimum permanence, each day you can follow a live class online, interacting as if you were in the facility, or access one of its collaborating centers. The Andjoy monthly pass allows you to enjoy fitness & wellness 7 days a week.


Position Name 1 José Carlos Campos Jimenez 00:14:27 2 Juan José Lavado Cuellar 00:14:30 3 Miguel áNgel Limón Naranjo 00:15:06 4 Iker Larrea Soraluce 00:15:10 5 Adrian Ajenjo Zaballos 00:15:36 6 Carlos Avila Antelo 00:15:39 7 Josep Díaz Carretero 00:15:42