Sun 20 Jun 2021

Aquairon Iron People on the Beach

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On Sunday, June 19, the AquaIron will be held on the beaches of the Municipality of Benalmádena, specifically on the Malapesquera beach.

The AquaIron is a test that combines the following sports disciplines: open water swimming and running. The participant performs two tests in three segments: swimming, running, and swimming.

The order is as indicated and the stopwatch does not stop for the entire duration of the competition.

The route of the race on foot will go through the promenade of that municipality towards the Bil-Bil castle following the organization's itinerary.

  • Combined Iron: Power Circuit
  • Crossing Iron: 1000 meters
  • Acua Iron: 500 m - 10 Km - 500 m

The top three finishers in each of the categories will be awarded.