Sun 20 Jun 2021

Aquatló Ciutat de Vilanova i la Geltrú

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We are pleased to announce that on June 17, 2019 the V edition of the Ciudad de Vilanova y la Geltrú Aquathlon will be held. I sprint format and depart at 10 am.

The aquathlon is a sports event that combines two specialties such as athletics (running) and swimming. In the case of the Vilanova Aquathlon the distance was sprint, that is, we ran 2.5 kilometers first, then we swam 1000 meters and ran 2.5 kilometers again.

The start is in the first segment of running, that is to say that at the start we will be dressed and running shoes, and with the bib on. Most people compete with a triathlon body or "tritraje", which services as much for running as for swimming, although it can be done perfectly in a swimsuit and shirt with the bib attached with clips, or with a triathlon-type rubber.

After running we will go to take the swimming apparatuses, that previously we will have placed in the place that the organization has arranged for each one of the participants by number of number, there we should have the swimming goggles and the swimming cap with our participant number printed. It must be said to dispel doubts that the wetsuit will not be there to compete, so with our swimsuit or tri-body, our cap and the glasses towards the water to swim. There we will have left the sneakers and the running number or shirt with the number attached, if applicable.

When we return from the water, just the same operation in reverse, we leave our numbered chair, the goggles and the swimming cap, we put on the shirt or the bib and the shoes and we go out whistling to eat the third and last sector of the test, the final 2.5 kilometers.