Sun 9 Aug 2020

Carrera de Montaña Albentosa

Albentosa, Teruel
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The 7th CxM Albentosa is a mountain race whose objective is to promote the federated practice of the sport of the Race for
Mountain in an environment of respect for the environment and within the values of companionship and sportsmanship that should govern the practice of this sport. The 7th CxM Albentosa is the official test of the CxM La Serranía League 2018 as well as the Racing Circuit
Popular in the Gúdar-Javalambre region.

This race has two modalities:

The queen modality is a mountain race of 23.5 kilometers long with 2300 meters of accumulated elevation gain (1150 D + / 11150 D-), which runs mostly on trails and open forest.

The promotion modality is a mountain race of 13.3 kilometers long and 1114 meters of accumulated elevation gain (557 D + / 557 D-), which takes place mostly on trails and open forest.

Test signaling

The entire route of both modalities will be marked with orange tapes of natural and reusable fabric, plaster, kilometer points every kilometer and reusable arrows. Likewise, especially conflictive points will be marked with reusable material. At some point of special interest you can use red beacon tape continuously. All this signage will be reinforced
by the permanent signage that the route has.

Medical service and safety aspects
During the race there will be medical ambulances with Life Support and with the relevant medical service. In the same way the organization will have vehicles to go if necessary to any point on the route.

At the same time, the organization will have personnel (broom riders) who will close the race after the last of the riders. In addition, the organization will place staff to guide and help the participants in all those points that it considers may be conflictive.

Timed section

The organization of the test has established the existence in the queen modality of a timed section between kilometers 6.5 and 8 (Viaduct of the Via Menera-Alto de la Romana). The winner of this section will receive, apart from the relevant trophy, a detail that will be communicated in the official media of the event. In addition to this, the first ten classified and the first ten classified of the same will obtain an additional score for the General Classification of the CxM League
Serranía 2018 of whose calendar the 7th CxM Albentosa is part (12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points).

Aid stations

Within the objective of respecting the environment in which the test takes place, aid stations will avoid delivering food, solid or liquid, with inorganic packaging or non-disposable containers to runners. Likewise, there will be no cups for liquid supplies, so it will be mandatory to carry a non-disposable container with you. Despite this, in each provisioning there will be two waste collection points, one for organic material and one for inorganic. Outside the provisioning point there will be no point to deposit garbage so this point becomes the beginning and end of it.
Outside the aid stations, it is prohibited to receive external help, whether or not from a runner, except, of course,
healthcare or aid.

In the Promotion race there will be two supply points, coinciding with the first two of the queen race.

Categories and awards

The organization of the 7th CxM Albentosa establishes in the race an absolute category (M / F) consisting of all the runners and runners registered for the test. In addition to this absolute category, the following subcategories are established:

  • M / F promise: made up of all those participants who were born between 1995 and 2000.
  • M / F Veterans: all those participants who were born between 1969 and 1978.
  • M / F Master: all those born in 1968 or before that date.
  • District M / F: any runner and runner who is registered in any municipality of the Comarca de la Serranía de Valencia or in any municipality that organizes tests of the Liga CxM Serranía 2018 will be considered district. Also any member runner or runner will be considered district from an organizing club of any of the 2018 CxM Serranía League events.

The organization will award trophies to the top five finishers, male and female, in the absolute category, as well as to the top three finishers, male and female, in the rest of the subcategories. In addition, it will deliver the following awards:

  • Absolute winners (M / F) of the race: Ham and Loaf of bread.
  • Trophy, Ham and Loaf of bread for the largest team; For this category, both modalities will be taken into account, so that the largest team will be the one in which the most participants participate in any of the two modalities.
  • Loaf of bread and trophy for the best local runner.
  • Trophy and organization details for the fastest runner in the section

As for the Promotion race, the organization will award a trophy to the top three finishers in the following categories:

  • Absolute M / F: made up of all the participants. The winners of this category will also be allowed with a shoulder and a loaf of bread.
  • M / F Cadet: made up of all those born between 2000 and 2003.