dom. 18 oct. 2020

Challenge Resistència MASSI XC Series - Ametlla del Vallès

Ametlla del Vallès, Barcelona
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On July 20, the 3 hours of resistance from Montornès del Vallès return, in the area of the fairgrounds with a short and intense circuit, suitable for all levels and types of bike (also Gravel and Cyclocross) and which becomes tough according to the rhythm of each team.

Registration will be done by categories:
- Individual: Male, Female and e-Bike
- Teams (2 members): Male, Female *, Mixed and Promises.
* Women's teams will be allowed up to a maximum of three runners.

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This test will consist of making the maximum number of laps in a closed circuit in an exact period of 3 hours. The times will be controlled by chip and the official classifications will be given once the race is over.


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16: 00h: Opening Registration and collection of bibs of the children's race
17: 30h: Start Massi XC Series Children
17: 00h: Opening Registration and collection of numbers 3HMassi XC Series
18: 30h: Final Children's Race
18: 40h: Opening circuit for heating 3H
18: 55h: Circuit Close, 3H grill configuration
19: 00h: Depart 3H Massi XC Series.
22: 00h: Arrival 3H Massi XC Series
22: 15h: Delivery of Massi XC Series trophies and Inverse Leotards of MASSI XC Series Challenge Leaders 2019