Sun 19 Jul 2020

Crow's Battle

Pravia, Asturias
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The Grumar Club in collaboration with the Pravia City Council organizes the “ Ebroker Crow's Battle ” Obstacle Course to be held on July 19, August, in a natural and closed circuit that will run through the vicinity of Pravia.

One more year the test will be scoring for the Spanish Championship and the European Championship, which will make it one of the lovers of this sport in a National benchmark during its celebration. For this reason, the Organization expects to have a multitude of racers from outside our region who will come to compete with the best and who will surely establish a new record of participation.

The ebroker Crow's Battle or "Battle of the Ravens" was born from an ancient legend that gave prominence to the figure of the crows.

For its founders, Crow's Battle is more than just an obstacle course. It is the history of Pravia's coat of arms, his city.

History tells that, in the time of reconquest, a Pravian captain was on the bank of a river. The question was whether to cross it to dock an Arab army that was superior in number and weapons, or not. But after six crows appeared, cawing and hovering above the knight, the knight launched himself without hesitation into the river. The combat ended with a great victory for the knight, who later demanded that the king of the time add six crows to his shield in memory of the battle. Over time this shield ended up becoming the current Pravia shield.


If there is something the Crows Battle has, they are obstacles . It is recognized as one of the Spanish races with the highest number of obstacles per kilometer traveled.

Each edition presents new obstacles, but the obstacle of kayaks or canoes should be highlighted from previous editions. In this case, it consists of taking a tour of the river of about 250 meters aboard a kayak for 2 people.

Crows Battle has been a pioneering test since its inception in the introduction of different obstacles of great notoriety in the European international OCR. As an example of this, to mention a few, we have the introduction of windows and nunchacos that are so in demand by racers today.

Obstacles are compulsory to pass in the ELITE category and cannot be replaced by anything, according to current OCRA Spain regulations.

In the popular category, the obstacles do have a substitute if they cannot be executed by the participant. If you cannot overcome something, you can supply it with 20 burpees or other types of tests such as dragging, extra obstacles, etc ...


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The program will be announced by the organization soon

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