Sun 31 Oct 2021

Desafio de Guerreros Malaga

Rincon de la Victoria, Málaga
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Challenge your limits on a new battlefield, with new obstacles and more experiences. !!

Desafío Málaga returns to Rincón de la Victoria on October 25, 2020 loaded with news so you can live an extreme adventure that you will not forget. Live a unique and fun experience with your friends or family. The Málaga Warriors Challenge has all the adrenaline, obstacles, fun and mud. At the end of the event you will feel able to do anything.

Choose the modality you want Open for the least experts or first time in the event or Age Group and Elite for the most experts in the sport. Whatever you choose, prepare to enjoy to the fullest and live an experience that will completely change you. Challenge, improvement, teamwork, effort and fun.


Rincon de la victoria, Malaga October 25, 2020.

* Open 6km + 20 obstacles

* Age Group and Elite 12km + 20 obstacles


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Hour Km Mode

9:00 12K Elite

9:20 12K Age Group

9:40 12K Age Group

10:00 12K Age Group

10:20 12K Age Group

10:40 12K Age Group

10:20 6K Open

10:40 6K Open

11:00 6K Open

11:20 6K Open

11:40 6K Open

12:00 6K Open

12:20 6K Open

12:40 6K Open

13:00 6K Open

13:20 6K Open

13:40 6K Open

14:00 6K Open

14:20 6K Open

14:40 6K Open

15:00 6K Open

15:20 6K Open