Sun 15 Nov 2020

Ecodumad Road

Fuente el Saz, Madrid
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As a result of the preventive actions against COVID-19 (better known as coronavirus), the Ecodumad Road test has had to modify its date, and postpone the event until November 15.


After the success of the Ecodumad Cross de San Agustín de Guadalix , a new test returns on the calendar of the Korona Madrid , the most important triathlon circuit in the Community of Madrid .

Over the last few years, Ecodumad has managed to grow and expand its sports offer, as the proof shows. Enjoy a new duathlon party attended by the most important teams in Madrid.


Test in pairs (male, female and mixed)

1st Place: trophy + detail

2nd Place: trophy + detail

3rd Place: trophy + detail

Team Time Trial (Community of Madrid Championship)

1st place for men and women: € 100 + trophy

2nd place for men and women: € 75 + trophy

3rd place for men and women: € 50 + trophy

Important note: To be eligible for the award and the ranking points, the team members must all be federated in the same club.

Test by popular or federated teams from different teams (3 categories: male, female and mixed)

1st place for men and women: medal + detail

2nd place for men and women: medal + detail

3rd place for men and women: medal + detail

* All prizes have VAT and personal income tax included.


Everything will be located on the M111 road, which is a two-lane highway + maple in each direction. This highway will be 100% cut to traffic.

In the two southbound lanes will be located: Transition area (inside the road), start / finish line and race segment on foot (in one lane one way and another turn)

In the northbound lanes the cycling segment will be developed.

The change of race to cycling will be done at the Cottolengo roundabout, which will be closed to traffic.

DISTANCE KMS: 5 - 20 - 2´5. An initial race lap + 1 cycling lap of 19.5 kms consisting of a round trip from start to finish of the motorway + 1 lap of 2.5 kms running to finish.

In the cycling part, mtb bikes are prohibited, both in teams and in pairs. The use of time trial or "goat" bikes is allowed.

No team or couple can "draft" or go to the wheel of other teams or couples.

The "penalty zone" for teams penalized for going to the wheel will be at the end of the cycling segment.


  • Drink
  • Food



09:25 h. - Start race in pairs. All couples at once. It is not Time Trial format.

09:30 h. - Duathlon Team Time Trial. Cto. of the Community of Madrid Duathlon Team Time Trial.

Collection of bibs in transition area

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