Fri 10 Jul 2020 - Sun 12 Jul 2020

Ehunmilak Ultra-Trail

Beasain, Guipúzcoa
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Ehunmilak is a mountain race that takes place in the town of Beasain , Guipúzcoa. This has three distances: Ehunmilak Ultra-Trail , with a distance of 168 kilometers and 11,000 meters of positive elevation gain; Goierriko Bi Haundiak , of 88 kilometers and 6,000 meters of positive slope; and finally the MarimurumendiMarathon of 42.2 kilometers and 2,300 meters of positive elevation gain .


Its starting point is Beasáin , visiting the Basque regions of Goierri, Urola, UrolaKosta, Debagoiena and Tolosaldea. In addition, for many kilometers it runs through the territory of neighboring Navarra. It has several types of mountain running, the main test being that which consists of 168 kilometers and 22 thousand meters of accumulated difference in altitude. Due to the harshness of the test, runners are required to have a minimum number of sports equipment, as well as to ensure food to carry out the test in a semi-self-sufficiency regime, since only water can be recharged in the different refreshment stations.


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