mer. 2 juin 2021

Everest Marathon

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Just over 200 runners, coming from more than 34 different countries are those who in their last edition decided to take the starting line in one of the toughest races, the Everest Marathon. A test characterized by unique climatic conditions and extreme characteristics of the Nepalese mountains.

Tenzing-Hillary, as it is known, assumes the surnames of the first to crown Everest, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. This marathon is recognized as one of the most difficult in the world. Now only from the physiological point of view, it requires its participants to acclimatize before the test due to the altitude at which the route takes place.

Before the race, for 15 days, they follow a program to prepare the body, which must face a height of 5,184 m at the starting point. The routine consists of carrying out different sections of trekking between valleys and alpine forests, alternating with some days of rest. Always following a special diet. In addition, the organizers recommend that you make two ascents to the closest summit, at 5,500m. With a special training to acclimatize to the altitude, oxygen shortage and low atmospheric pressure.

The arrival at the goal is located at a level close to 3,500 meters, a mark that intimidates, intimidates and paralyzes more than one ultra-long distance runner capable of taking much longer distances, perhaps with lower demographic and climatic adversity.

Organizers define it as the most spectacular race in the world that is held annually. This marathon happens to be a physical and mental challenge only suitable for challenging adventurers. It is among those highlighted as the most demanding for developing in inhospitable terrain and with extreme weather conditions. It stands as one of the hardest and most eccentric circuits on the planet, exposing participants to various risks beyond the effects of height. For example, among the negative health consequences, pulmonary edema or hypothermia may appear.


The height race begins at Everest Base Camp, located at 5,364 m. From there, a route that is mostly downhill begins, with the exception of some steep climbs, to the town of Namche Bazaar, where the level above the evil is 3,446 m. As to establish a comparison parameter, this last value is approximated to that of the city of La Paz, in Bolivia. The maximum peak is impressive: they are 5,545 meters high on the Kala Patthar mountain.

As you have already guessed, given the magnitude of the feat and the conditions in which it is carried out, this marathon does not have a record comparable to that of daily marathons. The reality is that after three weeks of crossings between the mountains the journey comes to an end.

It will be the epic, it will be the only thing on the course, perhaps the passion for running with one of the best panoramic views in the world, but this test makes more and more courageous people wonder if they are capable of finishing this unique test.