Sun 6 Jun 2021

Gran Fondo BIBE TransBizkaia

Durango, Vizcaya / Bilbao
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As a result of the preventive actions against COVID-19 (better known as coronavirus), the GF BIBE Transbizkaia test has had to cancel the event for this edition.


The Basque Country has been a cycling territory for many years. Great corridors have left their roads and young promises are forged between their ports. Along its roads, hundreds of cyclists also enjoy looking for new challenges to pedal. This year the Gran Fondo BIBE Transbizkaia is held , a bicycle touring march whose layout recalls the Jesús Loroño Classic Bicycle Tour , a race that took place between 1992 and 2003, consolidating itself as one of the most demanding in the state.

With two routes available, cyclists can choose between a 179-kilometer route and a 122-kilometer route . With departure and arrival in the town of Durango, the test seeks to bring together cyclists who want to enjoy a great day of cycling while striving to overcome the various ports on the route.

The route is made in memory of the cyclist Jesús Loroño, one of the mythical Basque athletes of the 50s.

Each runner will receive with his registration a high-end jersey , limited edition, from the national manufacturer Tugawear. A mandatory garment for the day of the test with which the team of the organization can easily locate our participants.

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With two routes available, cyclists will be able to choose between a 179-kilometer route with 3,440 meters of positive elevation gain and a 122-kilometer route with more than 2,500 meters of positive elevation gain. The routes will have 8 and 6 ports of different hardness, respectively. The distance of the Gran Fondo is the original of the test, while the midfielder was launched in 2017 to accommodate all athletes.

The Gran Fondo and the Medio Fondo will coincide as far as the town of Munitibar (Km. 88), where the means will be diverted by the Balcony of Bizkaia and then re-engage in Monte Calvo and jointly finish the route to the Urkiola Sanctuary. There the organization launches a time trial with a section on Strava in Urkiola, a port of almost 6km at 9% on average.

The organization will put at your disposal a total of 7 aid stations.


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The collection of bibs will take place at the times and locations that will be communicated from the organization soon.


8: 00h Departure from Gran Fondo BIBE Transbizkaia