Fri 23 Oct 2020 - Sun 25 Oct 2020

Gran Vuelta Valle del Genal

Algatocín, Málaga
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The Gran Vuelta Valle del Genal came true in 2013, there have been many efforts and work to outline these more than 130 km of route.
The Gran Vuelta Valle del Genal is designed so that you leave the pressure at the exit, and run for the pleasure of touring, live the Copper Spring, soak up its colors and smells and flood every corner of the Valley with the healthy madness of the runners .

In this Great Tour there are no great peaks or impossible ascents, moreover, none of the roads through which the race runs was opened for any sporting feat.
These roads were opened by country people, muleteers, corkmen, matuteras, "segaores" and a long etc ... Ultrarunners out of necessity who left this legacy that today must be cared for, an authentic social network that is the backbone of the Genal Valley.


It is the queen of the Genal Valley Grand Tour , the participants will cover a circular tour of the Genal Valley of almost 130 km in length, about 6300 m of positive slope.

The route crosses the 15 municipalities of the Genal and visits such charismatic enclaves as El Jardón or Los Riscos.

To complete the test, participants will have a maximum time of 32 hours and will have the support of 17 aid stations and checkpoints.

This modality has the equipment variant, in which the 4 team components must perform the test together.


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