Thu 15 Oct 2020 - Sun 18 Oct 2020

Grand Raid de la Réunion

Saint-Pierre, La réunion
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Voted ' the most mythical ultra-trail ' in 2019 by L'Équipe magazine, the Grand Raid de la Réunion is preparing to celebrate its 28th edition on October 15, 16, 17 and 18, 2020 on the island of Reunion , in the Indian Ocean. This committed and extremely demanding ultra-trail is one of the stages of the Ultra Trail World Tour and as such, welcomes each year more than 6,000 trail runners on these four extreme routes:

  • La Diagonale des Fous , the flagship event of the Grand Raid de la Réunion is an ultra trail of 166 km and over 9,600 meters of elevation gain crossing the island of Réunion
  • The Bourbon Trail , an ultra trail of 112 km and 6,400 meters of elevation gain
  • The Mascareignes , an ultra trail more accessible of 66 km and 3,500 vertical meters
  • The Zembroca Trail , a 182 km trail run in teams of 4

Whatever route you choose, your physical and moral capacities will be put to the test and you will push your limits in a unique atmosphere where the whole island of Reunion lives to the rhythm of the races during the three days of the Grand Raid. Registrations are open until April 30, so don't waste a second and register before you regret it!


The Grand Raid of Reunion offers four demanding routes through the unique landscapes of Reunion Island:

  • Diagonale des Fous

The most legendary ultra trail in the world and certainly one of the most difficult and demanding both mentally and physically. It joins Saint-Pierre, in the south and Saint-Denis through 168 km of paths and paths of all kinds for a cumulative elevation gain of more than 9,600 meters. The route strolls the Piton de la Fournaise before plunging into the Cirque du Cilaos then that of Malfate via the Col du Taïbit. Trailers will then have to climb the Maïdo in order to reach the coast and head towards the Redoute stadium where the finish line will be. Numerous refreshment stations will be present along the route, as well as rest and medical assistance areas. Every year, about a third of trail runners are forced to give up because of the difficulties of this route which is not to be taken lightly!

  • The Bourbon Trail

This 111 km trail with 6,500 meters of elevation gain is almost as demanding as the Diagonale des Fous. It is at least just as technical. The trail runners, limited to the organization of 1,500, will start from Cilaos in the direction of the Piton des Neiges and Bélouve gîte before going up to the Plaine des Merles and diving into the Malfate cirque where they will join the route of the Diagonal of Crazy by the Maïdo, Kalla, the path of the English to the Redoute stadium. If the positive elevation is important, the negative elevation should not be overlooked: 7,600 meters which tire almost as much as the climbs. As with the Diagonale des Fous, numerous refreshments, rest areas and medical assistance will be provided along the route.

  • The mascareignes

The smallest format of trails offered by the Grand Raid de la Réunion, La Mascareignes is more accessible than its big brothers. The route links Salazie to Saint-Denis on a 66 km route passing through the Plaine des Merles, the Malfate cirque before joining the route of the other trails via Kalla. Compared to the other trails offered this weekend, La Mascareignes has little positive elevation, which may make it seem wrong that it is an easy trail. There is indeed more negative elevation than positive (about 4,500 meters) with technical and brittle slopes. Provisions, rest and medical assistance will be available on the route.

  • Zembrocal Trail

The Zembrocal Trail is a race run in teams of 4 for a total distance of 181 km and more than 11,000 meters of elevation gain. The first relay links the Vidot domain in Saint-Pierre to Plaine des Sables on a difficult route of 44 km and 3,800 meters of elevation gain. The second 38 km relay is faster and joins Cilaos where the third runner will start on a demanding course of 48 km and 4,000 vertical meters in Mafate and up to Maïdo. It is then the turn of the last trail runner to complete the remaining 52 km to the Redoute stadium in Saint-Denis for a well-deserved rest.


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Thursday October 15, 2020:

  • 7.30 a.m. - 12 p.m .: Collection of La Diagonale des Fous bibs
  • 8h - 16h: Collection of Zembrocal Trail bibs
  • 1 p.m. - 4 p.m .: Collection of the Bourbon Trail bibs
  • 4 p.m. - 7 p.m .: Collection of La Mascareignes bibs

Friday October 16, 2020:

  • 7 p.m .: Departure of the Zembrocal Trail
  • 22h: Departure from the Diagonale des Fous

Saturday October 17, 2020:

  • 3h: Departure from Mascareignes
  • 9 p.m .: Departure of the Bourbon Trail

Sunday October 18, 2020:

  • 12:30 p.m .: Prize-giving of the Trail of Bourbon, Mascareignes and Zembrocal
  • 5 p.m .: Prize-giving ceremony for the Diagonale des Fous