Sat 14 Nov 2020 - Sun 15 Nov 2020

Haría Extreme Lanzarote

Haría, Las Palmas
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Haría is a small town in the north of Lanzarote that one day dreamed of showing its spectacular natural spaces and surprising “trail runners” curious to try different ways of feeling the mountain: this is how Haría Extreme Lanzarote was born. It is true that it does not have large massifs but it does have majestic and exciting cliffs , with technical and volcanic terrain, with a wild coast, with earth and stones, with lava and sea, heat and fire ...

Among the highlights of the tour is the famous Famara cliff , an authentic vertical wall of volcanic rock that requires climbing and even aided by the ropes that the organization incorporates into the terrain. One of those unforgettable moments for every participant.

In addition, in the 2020 edition the Haría Extreme Lanzarote will serve as the stage for the WMRA World Cup , so it will have hundreds of athletes from different countries of the world and, surely, with the highest level in its history. Come to know a land of volcanoes, lava and fire!


From the heart of Lanzarote, starting from the point on the map where it is historically recognized as the area of the first human settlement in Lanzarote, the beautiful enclave of Femés, passing by the cradle of the camels of Lanzarote, waking up the day with the lunar landscape most extraordinary on the planet: the Geria and the Timanfaya Natural Park to be overwhelmed with the Risco de Famara in the constant descent to the coast and climb to its peaks.

The legs will be amazed in the final part of the tour with the Malpaís of the Corona Volcano, which will witness how the participant will have to take a breath to “charge” the “colossus” of the Haría Extreme Lanzarote: the mythical tongue of lava with your "rope" if you want to emerge victorious from this ultra incredible and reach the beautiful Valley of 1000 Palms where the goal is: Haría.


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