Sun 7 Feb 2021

Kedada Trail Kastellterçol

Castellterçol, Barcelona
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Kedada Trail is a mountain race that takes place in the town of Castellterçol , in the province of Barcelona . The test has two several different modalities: a marathon with 42 kilometers and 1,800 meters of positive elevation gain; a half-marathon of 21 kilometers and 1,000 meters of positive elevation gain and a 12K with 500 meters of positive elevation gain.

This race has something that sets it apart from the rest and it is the registration price for it. The broker does not have to make any monetary payment, but rather make a contribution to the food bank.


The KedadaTrail mountain marathon takes place in the Catalan town of Castellterçol, in the province of Barcelona. In it, the participants must face a hard 42 km route with 1,800 meters of altitude difference where the cold weighs more than kilometers.


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