Sat 8 Aug 2020

La Magnifique

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La Magnifique is the event you cannot miss if you are a cycling enthusiast. It will be celebrating its 18th edition in Rochefort, Belgium on Saturday August 8th, 2020. La Magnifique is a touring bicycle ride through the sumptuous landscapes of the Ardennes and the Famenne regions. Each year, around 1,500 cyclists from Belgium, France and the Netherlands meet on the starting lines of the five routes proposed by the organizer, the Vélo Club Rochefort:

  • A hilly course of 185 kilometers and more than 3,000 meters of climb
  • A demanding route of 155 kilometers and 2,700 meters of elevation climb
  • A hike of 125 kilometers and a little over 2,000 meters in elevation difference
  • A course of average difficulty of 91 kilometers and 1,600 meters of vertical climb
  • An accessible excursion of 51 kilometers and only 600 meters of climbing

All cyclists, part of a federation not, are welcome in Rochefort on August 8th, 2020, whether they want to test their abilities or enjoy a sublime ride through the forests and meadows of the Ardennes. A minimum of physical preparation is required to complete the demanding and hilly routes.

Come and spend a pleasant weekend in Rochefort on August 8th, 2020 and take part in La Magnifique!


All La Magnifique routes will start and end at the Hall Omnisport in Rochefort.

The 185-kilometer route completes a loop passing through the villages of Nassogne, Saint-Hubert, Glaireuse, Daverdisse, Bièvre before following the Franco-Belgian border between Louette-Saint-Pierre and Beauraing. The route will then link up Houyet, Havenne, Villiers-sur-Lesse and Éprave before crossing the finish line in Rochefort.

More than 18 hills with slopes between 6 and 15% are expected, as well as three refueling points.

The 155-kilometer race will follow a route that’s remarkably similar overall to that of the 185-kilometer, without heading through Daverdisse.

The 125-km hike will be quite similar to the 155-km hike but without going along the Franco-Belgian border so closely, and will therefore pass through the villages of Gedinne, Malvoisin and Froidlieu before rejoining the common route at Lessive. .

The 91-kilometer excursion will start in the same way as the other hikes but will head up north by Neupont upon reaching Glaireuse.

The 51-kilometer hike will take a special path, north of Rochefort. It will link the villages of Humain, Havrenne, Buissonville, Briquemont and Jamblinne before rejoining the common route between Villiers-sur-Lesse and Lessive.


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