vie. 9 oct. 2020 - lun. 12 oct. 2020

La Vara TrailRun

Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia
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La Vara TrailRun consists of a set of sports tests developed in a natural environment between the Sierras del Gavilán and the Buitre , which make up the mountainous emblem of the Sierras del Noroeste Murciano and the Murcia Region, reaching altitudes of over 1,500 meters.

The planning of the Vara TrailRun begins to take shape in 2013, coming to light in 2015 after an exhaustive and careful study of the environment through which the test takes place, thus creating more impressive sporting events in the Region, where they are highly praised, ecological and biological value with minimal environmental impact.

The race in Caravaca de la Cruz , Murcia town where the event is held, has different modalities: from two ultra distances, with 100 and 75 kilometers; a 47 kilometer marathon; a 23 kilometer half marathon and a 16 kilometer trail.


La Vara TrailRun will be held next weekend from October 9 to 12 in the town of Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia. The test, which stands out for the multitude of disciplines it offers its participants, also does it for the challenges it poses. It is the case of # Enkdna2 a challenge in which the brave who dare must complete 100 kilometers with a cumulative difference of 12,660 meters. It is about linking the routes of the ultra Scorpion, of 75 kilometers with a positive difference of 5,000 meters; and the HalfMarathon with 23 kilometers and 1,330 meters of positive slope.


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