Sun 11 Oct 2020

Leyre Trail

Monasterio San Salvador de Leyre, Navarra
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Juan Migueliz Leyre Trail is a mountain race held in the Navarran town of Monasterio San Salvador de Leyre . It is a test of 21 kilometers and 1,400 meters of positive slope with a high technical difficulty.


LeyreTrail will host in 2020 the last test of the Spanish Online Cup of the Spanish Mountain and Climbing Federation (FEDME). The race, with a distance of 21 kilometers, will start from the Navarre town of Monasterio de Leyre on October 11.

Up to 350 participants can enjoy a tour full of surprises and very demanding. Its hardness can be seen a few meters from the exit, when they will ascend to the Potillo de la Cerrada at 1,226 meters of altitude. At this point they will start a ridge that will take them to the 1,331 meters of the Paso del Oso to descend, later, to the Balcony of Arbaun at 1,000 meters. It will be here when the hardest stretch of the test begins and that is that the participants will have to make a climb to the Arangoiti peak at 1,356 meters in just over 2 kilometers. It is the highest point of the LeyreTrail, from where they will start the final leg of the race with a prolonged descent to the finish line.


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