Fri 9 Apr 2021 - Mon 19 Apr 2021

Marathon Des Sables

Moroccan Sahara
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The Marathon des Sables is a demanding stage race considered one of the hardest races in the world, organized since 1986 by Frenchman Patrick Bauer in Morocco. As it could not be otherwise, in its 34th edition, the route will be no more and no less than 250 kilometers in 7 days.

There are 6 stages: five stages between 20 and 40 kilometers and a stage of about 80 kilometers. It is a test of self-sufficiency, so each runner must bring their own food, sleeping bag and other tools.

The runners carry personal items and food for the entire race. The organizers will provide only the water daily (about 9 liters, depending on the length of the stages) and an open store available. The rotor should be equipped with minimal survival equipment such as a sleeping bag, snakebite kit, and 2,000 kcal of energy per day. The course of the race changes annually, generally consisting of rocky plains, dry riverbeds, and sand dunes, with only occasionally small towns. The temperature reaches 40 ° C or more during the day, while at night it can drop a lot. The course is limited to 800 participants. The only requirement for runners is robust health, which is reviewed.



The MARATHON DES SABLES, is a foot race that is divided into 6 stages and covers an estimated 250 km away. It is open to any runner who must carry all their equipment and food, that is, total autonomy.

1st day : arrival of runners and transfer to bivouac

2nd day : technical, medical and administrative check-ups

3rd to 8th day : timed cycles in food autonomy

10th day : free and rest, Ouarzazate

11th day : return home

THE MARATHON DES SABLES IN NUMBERS: More than 13,000 participants since 1986

• 30% re-enrollment
• 70% of foreign origin
• 30% are French
• 14% are women
• 45% are veterans
• 30% participate in teams
• 10% walk
• 90% alternate between walking and running
• 14 km / h highest average speed
• 3 km / h lower average speed
• 16 years old as the youngest
• 79 years old the oldest

To all those who remain undecided, I invite you to exceed the limit and join our Saharan caravan for an unusual sports adventure in an exceptional Morocco.

Thank you from the bottom of your heart to His Royal Majesty King Mohammed VI for his Royal Blessing and the trust that he has granted to our organization for 19 consecutive years through his High Sponsorship.