Sun 13 Sep 2020

Maratón Vías Verdes Plazaola

Lekunberri, Navarra
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The last of the Greenways Marathons already has a confirmed date! On September 13 the Greenways Plazaola Marathon starts in Lekunberri , an opportunity to run a marathon on an old train track surrounded by green landscape.

Greenways Marathon is a popular race that runs through old railway lines rehabilitated on roads. After the marathons previously held in Girona and Navajas, the Plazaola closes the 2020 edition with the possibility of choosing between two routes: 42K or 26K . The start of each of them will be different: the 42K race will start from Lekunberri , while the 26K distance will start from Leitza .

The Plazaola Greenway Nature Trail is a very accessible transit trail, built from the old narrow-gauge train structure that linked the 84 kilometers that separate Pamplona from San Sebastián between the years 1914 and 1953. A highly recommended avenutra for all those who love history and nature.

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The route of the Greenway of the Plazaola is a 95% land route (track, there are no trails. Mixed sports are recommended), and that runs in the middle of nature, passing through rural spots characteristic of the area.

A route closed to traffic, with the exception of the organization's vehicles, not more than 4 meters wide and completely safe for all participants.

The tour begins in Lekunberri and ends in the municipality of Andoain, specifically in the old Plazaola station, passing through the municipalities of Leitza. A tour that will envelop you and leave you breathless!

The marking: unlike other tests and in order to unify the mileage of the two distances, the kilometer points will indicate the distance remaining until arrival (eg 20 KM LEFT). All the kilometer points will be marked and will serve for any distance in which you participate.


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18: 00h - 20: 30h: Delivery of bib numbers (Goikoplaza, Andoain)


6: 30h - 7: 30h: Delivery of bibs (Andoain Town Hall Square, Goikoplaza)

7:30 am: Check-In Bus 42K (c / Pio Baroja, s / n, Between the Ambrosia Olabide building and Iglesia San Martín de Tours. At the same regular bus stop, Andoain)

7:45 am: Check-In Bus 26K (c / Pio Baroja, s / n, Between the Ambrosia Olabide building and Iglesia San Martín de Tours. At the same regular bus stop, Andoain)

9: 00h: Exit 42K (Plazaola Lekunberri Station, Plazaola Kalea 21)

9: 00h: Exit 26K (Plaza Ayuntamiento Leitza)

12: 00h: Delivery of trophies 26K (Andoain)

12: 30h: Delivery of 42K trophies (Andoain)

14: 30h: Closing of the race (Andoain)

Maratones de las Vías Verdes