Fri 7 Aug 2020 - Sat 15 Aug 2020

Mongolia Bike Challenge

Ulan Bator
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Can you imagine riding the almost unexplored landscapes of remote Mongolia on your bike? Can you imagine doing it accompanied by other crazy MTBs like you from countless nationalities? Both things can come true with the Mongolia Bike Challenge.

This test has managed to be considered as one of the most exotic tests on the cycling planet's most desired test circuit.

During its six stages, participants will tour the lonely steppes of Mongolia, through which Genghis Khan set out in the 13th century to conquer China, the Middle East and Central Europe. The Mongolia Bike Challenge has everything that any biker would want: long harbors, pristine rivers and landscapes of strange beauty. A physical and psychological challenge that will test all participants.


The first stage is a 105 km marathon from Ulaanbaatar to the Geo Mandal Ger Camp in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.

On the second day , the stage reigns and just after the start, the first highlight of the day will await the riders: a small silver flash on the horizon that will finally be presented as the magnificent statue of the powerful emperor Genghis Khan, 40 meters tall . The marathon will lead to a circuit through the Nagalkhan Uul Nature Reserve, which is south of our first base for two nights, the Geo Mandal Ger Camp.

On the third day , the River Crossings Stage, located within the characteristic Siberian tundra landscape of this area and competing in the Khan Khentii National Park with the remote Tuul River Camp.

The fourth quick stage covers very remote roads to the south and leaving Tuul River and Khan Khentii National Park for Steppe Nomad Camp, which is located in the beautiful Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve, approximately 130 kilometers southeast of Ulaanbaatar, on the shores of the Kherlen River. Standish.

On day five , it is the turn of the Steppe Nomad Camp before the time trial race. Racers will take to the race track at 1-minute intervals in the reverse order of the overall standings: a furious chase and an exciting race against the clock.

Dotted with rolling hills and two brutal ascents, the trail will force many cyclists to let go and get off.

On the last day , the atmosphere in the squad will not be able to relax with the departure through the muddy roads and the headwinds that they will have to withstand, as well as the hard climbs.


2019 MBC official daily schedule.

Each day will have a schedule that must be strictly followed, which allows us to guarantee the safety of the rider and that each competitor will be welcomed with showers, hot food and a space to relax after the day's races. Due to weather and terrain conditions, weather may be subject to change. In this case, all the participants will be informed by the Organizing Team.

The estimated daily schedule is reported in the following table:

  • 30 am: official alarm clock
  • 00-09.00 am: breakfast and delivery of suitcases.
  • 00-9.30 am: personal settings
  • 30 am start
  • 00-5.00 pm: end of the stage .
  • 17: 00-18: 30: configuration of personal items and bicycle check .
  • 18:30 to 19:30: prizes of the day, briefing, delivery of water bottles .
  • 30 h: dinner .