vie. 25 jun. 2021 - dom. 4 jul. 2021


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Pedal 35 kilometers and get a reward.
Go out to train and take a Santini Classe jersey.

In OPEN CYCLING, pedaling is rewarded. Just by participating you can choose to take one of the two Santini Classe jerseys.

What is it?
Open Cycling 35 is part of the new modality of OPEN Cycling events.
Pedal and earn rewards.

These types of events are designed for cyclists who roll out at least once a week.

Since you are going to roll, why not do it being able to win a prize?

Registration is free, and the prizes do not depend on time, but rather on raffles of products from the best sports brands that are held at the end of the event among those who have completed the challenge.

Enter the Open Cycling community.
The community of cyclists across the country that lives cycling as a way of life. Go out to roll to enjoy, to excel and to be in the best health.

When should we roll out?
From June 19 to June 28 (included). Choose the day you want and the time you want.

What circuit?
Pedal 35 kilometers wherever you want. There is no established circuit so you can choose which route or circuit works best for you.

The concept is to run 35 kilometers, no matter where.

How much does it cost?
The inscription is free.

What rewards are there?
In this Open Cycling you can take one of the two jerseys of the prestigious brand CASTELLI model CLASSE, if you prove that you have made the 35k.

Prize winners will be announced the day after the event closes.

Is there a classification?
Yes, there is a classification. Although it is not a competitive event, you will be able to see in what situation you have been compared to other cyclists.

How do I credit having shot 35k?
You will only have to enter the web, go to the "Upload time" tab (you will see it once you are registered) and upload the screen of your GPS device (watch or mobile).

In this link there is a summary of the devices that you can use to track your career.

What happens if I register and do not participate?
Absolutely nothing happens. Only you will lose the possibility of returning home with a reward. Only those who credit the 50k will have the possibility of taking the prize.

I would like to run in other distances too.
We are preparing a series of Open Races with different distances and quality rewards.

How far would you like to travel? What rewards would you like to earn?

Help us improve by answering these two questions here (it will take 30 seconds).

Don't miss any OPEN CYCLING.

Open Cycling 45 is now open, more info here .

Win prizes from the best brands in each new edition. Are you going to miss it?


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