Fri 9 Jul 2021 - Mon 19 Jul 2021


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Pedal for 45 kilometers and get a reward.

Go rolling and take a Castelli brand squadra jersey.

Challenge : pedaling 45km

When : between July 3 and July 13

Where : where you want

How much is it worth : registration is free

Castelli Squadra

Go for a 45km ride and take this jersey - there will be two winners!

What is Open Cycling?
Open Cycling challenges are challenges in which, if you complete them, you can buy products from the best cycling brands.

These types of events are designed for regular cyclists who roll out at least 1 time a week.

Since you are going to roll, why not do it with the possibility of earning a reward?

Registration is free, and the prizes are not based on time, but rather raffles for different products that are held at the end of the event among those who have completed the challenge.

What you have to do?

1. Sign up

2. Challenge 3 friends of yours

3. Go out to roll 45 kilometers (in this case, it is not requested that there be a minimum difference in altitude)

4. Validate your distance traveled and time (on the event website you will see an activated button to upload your time)

5. Cross your fingers. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones to take the Castelli jersey .

Don't miss the other Open Cycling challenges.

We are constantly preparing for new challenges and looking for new rewards.

Be aware.


Position Dorsal Name 1366JUAN JOSE DELLA CALLEN01:19:342296Salvador Gómez Jiménez01:20:023343José Luis Pérez Torres01:21:464238Victor Quilis01:24:375334Veronica Avila Lago01:26:586224ALBERTO GANDULLA GONZALEZ01:27:217240Cristian González Díaz01:31:16