lun. 31 may. 2021 - lun. 14 jun. 2021


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Run and earn rewards!

Since we all go running with enough recurrence, why not do it being able to win products from the best brands?

This is the concept of the OPEN RUN, you can enter here and read what this new concept of Running is.

But how does it work?

  1. Sign up (registration is free)
  2. Run 10K (doing your best)
  3. If you dare, challenge 3 friends by sharing a photo of you running on networks with the hashtag # openrun10K
  4. Upload your time / distance for us to validate it
  5. Cross your fingers. You can take products from the ON brand.

In this OPEN RUN 10K, we raffle 2 pairs of ON Cloud brand shoes and 2 ON-T performance t-shirts.

Go running and come home in new sneakers!

Cloud 2 Black | Slate

Do you run several times a week? Go out to train as usual and also earn rewards. What more could you want?

Do you find it difficult to find the motivation to go running? You already found it. Go for a run and you may come back with new sneakers.

Enter the Open Run community!

The community of runners who enjoy running. Go out to train and earn rewards!


  • Find the route where you are going to make your departure well. The more you have the route well defined and thought, the less unforeseen you will find that will hinder your performance.
  • You need a GPS watch or a mobile application that monitors your route and time. Here we make a list of the GPS or applications that you can use.
  • Charge your device well, and familiarize yourself well with it before starting, so as not to have technical problems just before, during or after the race.


At the end of 10km, enter this page and validate your time by attaching the screen of your device that accredits the distance and time generated (you can upload your file in a link enabled for that).

You can see yourself in the general classification and download your diploma.

DO NOT FORGET to gather friends in this challenge, you will enjoy more sharing the experience.

Frequent questions.

  • How much does it cost?

There is no cost. OPEN RUN registration is free.

  • It's a race?

Yes, there will be a classification to help you position yourself compared to others. But it is NOT a competitive event.

It is best to take it as a 10K test to know where you are, where you give everything but where the result is not so important.

  • How can I validate my time?

When you finish the 10K, enter this page of the event, and you will see the button "Upload your time" activated. There you will have to attach the screenshot of your GPS watch or mobile device that has tracked your career.

If you have doubts on what device you need to track your career enter here , we explain what you need.

  • What do I have to do to know if I have won a product?

You do not have to do anything. All those who finish the 10K and validate their time, enter the list of possible winners automatically. The result will be announced on this same page of the event, and the winners will also receive an email specifying the prize and the details to collect / receive it.

Don't miss any OPEN RUN.
Win prizes from the best brands in each new edition. Are you going to miss it?
We will soon confirm the dates of the following editions.

Registrations for OPEN RUN 12k are now open here .

Event organized by: Racetick and the OPEN RUNNERS Club


The run can be where ever you want.

The concept is to run 10K, no matter where.


From 29/05 to 06/07 you can choose the moment that best suits you to go out and run the 10k.

You decide when!


Position Dorsal Name 1250Josep Díaz Carretero00:32:312650Lander Nicolas Gonzalez00:37:533495Luis Martin00:38:114299Roberto Iglesias Delgado00:38:1351011Irene Díaz Naranjo00:38:546994Daniel Muñoz Leyva00:39:2071026Jaime Quevedo Campo00:39:23