vie. 2 oct. 2020 - dom. 1 nov. 2020

Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia

Bilbao, Vizcaya / Bilbao
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The Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia Open Challenge is a test aimed at all those people who love cycling and enjoy life on a bicycle. The cyclists will face a route of 123 kilometers with almost 3,000 meters of unevenness, with spectacular landscapes and routes through a route through the historic territory of Bizkaia.

Before the cancellation of our event on October 3, we offer you an innovative event that will allow you to discover and enjoy the same route in a unique and special way. From Orbea, we offer you 2 types of tour to enjoy the essence of a test such as Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia.

The route-modality A will be a challenge through the official route of the Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia. We provide you with the official track and you choose the most suitable moment to face the challenge of completing the entire official route, overcoming the charismatic walls that characterize our test, where you can feel the adrenaline that every cyclist arises, wanting to move to the mythical classic cyclists. You can also combine emblematic places with demanding ports, for many strangers.

If you are one of those who like to face new cycling challenges and cannot travel, we invite you to participate in the route-mode B where you will be the one who enjoys total freedom to choose your personal route , yes, as long as you exceed the minimum distance established of 123 kilometers and that will allow you to make your land known to the rest of the participants, being a magnificent opportunity to feed and discover new cycling destinations to the rest of the participants.

The test, regardless of the chosen route modality, is presented by Orbea as a great opportunity to enjoy once again an innovative event with the quality that Orbea always offers in its events.

And you? What are you waiting for?

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The Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia route passes through a large number of towns during its 123 kilometers with almost 3,000 meters of unevenness . It is worth highlighting its great natural landscapes, among which the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve stands out, in addition to the numerous historical and tourist attractions.

Choose the option you prefer.

📍 Route-Mode A: Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia (Validation: distance + segments)

You will have to fully follow the official route of Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia, being able to download the official track of the route that we provide. In this tour, we give you the additional option of challenging yourself on our characteristic walls, where the total sum of the time traveled to overcome these walls will be computed. The validation of the complete route and passage through the walls will be done by Strava.

📏Distance : 123 kms

  • Segment 1 : Wall 1 Orbea Klasika (Aulesti - Ereño)
  • Segment 2 : Wall 2 Orbea Klasika (Bizkaigane)
  • Segment 3 : Wall 3 Orbea Klasika (Jainko-Arrieta)
  • Segment 4 : Wall 4 Orbea Klasika (Erruztimendi)

You can download the Track below 👉 TRACK Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia (Validation: distance + segments)

📍 Route-Mode B: Validate distance exclusively

In this modality you can participate in the place you choose, yes, the distance will have to be covered anyway , since it will be when you reach 123km (Distance validated by Strava) that your trademark will remain in the Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia classification


Your registration in the Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia Open Challenge guarantees you:

  1. Right of participation in the chosen modality.

  2. Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia official track.

  3. Personalized virtual bib.

  4. Finisher diploma that certifies your participation in the Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia Open Challenge once the activity has been validated on the platform.

  5. Priority in registration for our Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia 2021 event.

  6. Access to the Orbea drawer at our Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia 2021 event.

  7. Among all those participants who share their validated activity on social networks under the hashtag #YohagolaOrbeaKlasika ( Facebook and / or Instagram ) tagging Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia, they will participate in the draw of 5 invitations for the 2021 edition of Orbea Klasika Bilbao Bizkaia. The draw for these invitations will be once the activity period is over (November 1), after individual notification to all participants of the contest rules.