Mon 20 Jul 2020 - Wed 12 Aug 2020

OTSO Trail Run 10/300

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OTSO. The brand born in Andorra for sports lovers, sponsors the OTSO Trail Run 10/300.

Go running and win prizes!

Price Registration is free

Challenge Run 10km with 300m of positive slope (minimum)

When From July 20 to August 10, 2020

Where Where you want

Prizes Just for participating you can qualify for the prize of taking one of the two OTSO product packs.

Each Pack contains 1 T-shirt + 1 Head Band + 1 pair of Socks + 1 Face Mask

In addition, all enrollees will have a 25% discount on OTSO products on the website ,

where you will find sportswear with the most avant-garde designs of the moment.

Sign up now and run!

The OTSO Trail Run 10/300 what kind of event is it?
It is an Open Race event. Virtual challenge format. You run whenever you want (within the established dates) and wherever you want. You only have to validate your time after completing the challenge.

Is there a classification?
Yes, there is a classification. Although it is not a competitive event, you will be able to see in what situation you have been compared to other riders.

How do I credit completing the challenge?
You will only have to enter the web, go to the "Upload time" tab (it will be enabled when you register) and choose between:

* upload the screenshot of your GPS device (watch or mobile)

* or sync with Strava (and your time will update automatically)

In this link there is a summary of the devices that you can use to track your career.

What prizes can I win?

The first 500 registered enter the draw for two packs of OTSO products (see detail above).

Only those registered who complete the challenge have a prize option.

What happens if I sign up and don't run?
Absolutely nothing happens. Only you will lose the possibility of returning home with a reward. Only those who prove that they have completed the challenge will have the possibility of taking the prize.

I would like to run in other distances too.
We are preparing a series of Open Trails with different distances and quality rewards.

Do not miss it!

Since you are running, why not run with the possibility of earning a reward?

The Open Trail concept where registration is free , you can win prizes by going out to train , the prizes do not depend on time, but on raffles of products from the best sports brands that are held at the end of the event among those who have completed the challenge raised.

Enter the Open Trail community
The community of trail runners from all over the country that has established mountain running as a way of life.

Run to enjoy, to improve yourself and to be in the best health.

Go running and earn rewards.

If you like OTSO products and designs, we recommend you follow the @otsosport account on Instagram to stay up to date with all the news.

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