Sun 5 Sep 2021

Saron Race

Santa María de Cayón , Cantabria
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As a result of the preventive actions against COVID-19 (better known as coronavirus) the Saron Race test has had to cancel the event for this edition, the published date is estimated, we will be attentive to the news of the organization.


The second edition of the Sarón Race is here! On September 7, Santa María de Cayón hosts this 7-kilometer obstacle course . It is a scoring race for the Spanish Obstacle Race League , the penultimate to be held on the 2019 OCR League calendar.

The starting point and goal will be the Parque del Ferial de Sarón. In this race the participants will encounter various obstacles: suspension, these being the most striking and technical, of mud or weight, among others.

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The route will be about 7 km in which a series of obstacles will have to be overcome, and it will be completely signposted and closed to traffic. The test is one of the considered obstacle courses or OCR, developed entirely in a natural environment consisting of a course with various obstacles, both natural and artificial.
Obstacles must be passed as indicated by the judge in it, never bypassing them. In an ELITE round not associated with OCRA, failure to overcome an obstacle will be grounds for disqualification (handing over the bracelet and not opting for the final classification, if they are able to follow the circuit). In POPULAR and TEAMS batches not associated with OCRA, the failure to overcome an obstacle must carry out the penalty indicated by the judge, doing otherwise means not opting for the established prizes and being disqualified from the test.

* PENALTY: in case of not overcoming any obstacle, each participant will have to complete a total of 20 burpees .


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The race will be limited to 6 rounds .

  • TANDA ELITE OCRA: They will depart at 15:00 and is governed by the OCRA regulations
  • TANDA AGE GROUPS: They will leave at 15:15 and is governed by the OCRA regulation
  • TANDA OCRA TEAMS: They will depart at 15:30 and is governed by the OCRA regulations
  • TANDA Elite not associated with OCRA: They will start at 15:45 and are governed by OCRA regulations. They are obliged to overcome all obstacles without limits of attempts, they cannot receive help from another runner or from someone outside the race. If the obstacles cannot be overcome, you will be disqualified and the bracelet will be removed, being able to carry out the rest of the circuit.
  • TANDA POPULAR 1: They will leave at 16:00.
  • TANDA POPULAR 2: They will take the exit at 16:15.
  • TANDA TEAMS not associated with OCRA: They will start at 16:30. The team must have a minimum of 4 people (there is no maximum number of participants within a team). Team members can only receive help from their teammates. The entire team must enter together by goal (maximum separation of 20 seconds).

The call for the formation of the different batches will be made through the public address system. Participants must be in the starting area at the latest ten minutes before the start of their session to pass the control of the organization and close the call chamber.

* THE COLLECTION OF DORSALS will be done on SATURDAY, September 7, at the organization's stand in the immediate vicinity of the event's exit.

Ayuntamiento Santa María de Cayón