Sat 26 Sep 2020

Swimrun de Carcassonne

Carcassonne, Aude
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Building on the success of its second edition in 2019, the Carcassonne Triathlon Club is back in force in 2020 with the 3rd edition of the Carcassonne Swimrun which will take place on September 26, 2020 , around the Lac de la Cavayère, not far from Carcassonne. The Carcassonne Swimrun offers an idyllic setting for all curious people wishing to discover swimrun, this growing sport, but is also aimed at more experienced competitors looking for a new challenge.

As such, the organization offers two routes :

  • The swimrun S , a total of 10 km , including 8.2 km of running and 9 sections
  • The swimrun M , a more demanding 20 km course , including 17 km of running and 13 sections in total

Last year, more than 260 sportsmen in pairs participated in the Carcassonne Swimrun and even more are expected this year! So don't waste your chance and sign up today to secure your spot!


The Carcassonne Swimrun offers two courses to meet everyone's desires:

  • Swimrun S

An ideal course for participants wishing to discover the sport, the Swimrun S route remains mainly on the outskirts near Lac de la Cavayère. The course includes 9 sections in total, alternating 7 running sections with 4 swimming sections. The athletes will start with 1.4 kilometers of running and then go on to 500 meters of swimming, then 1.8 km of running and 400 meters of swimming before the first refueling. They will start again for 3.2 kilometers of race, then 550 meters of swimming and 1.6 kilometers of race before the final sprint of 250 meters of swimming and 200 meters of race.

  • Swimrun M

A longer and more demanding course which goes further away from the Lac de la Cavayère during the running sections. The Swimrun M has 13 sections for 3,100 meters of swimming and 17 kilometers of racing. The event begins with 1.2 kilometers of running, then 600 meters of swimming and 2 kilometers of running followed by 500 meters of swimming and 3.5 kilometers of running. After a short section of 400 meters of swimming, the participants will arrive at the first refueling before starting the 5.4 kilometers of running on trails and then continuing on 750 meters of swimming, 3.1 kilometers of race, 550 meters of swimming and 1.6 kilometers of race before starting the final sprint on two short sections: 250 meters of swimming and 200 meters of sprint.


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Saturday September 26, 2020:

  • 1 p.m .: Collection of bibs
  • 2.15 p.m .: Brief Swimrun M
  • 2:30 p.m .: Departure of Swimrun M
  • 3.15 p.m .: Brief Swimrun S
  • 3.30 p.m .: Departure of Swimrun S