Wed 10 Mar 2021 - Sun 14 Mar 2021

TransGranCanaria 360

Las Palmas, Las Palmas
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A hundred runners of twenty nationalities will take the start in this modality that has 265km and 16,500 meters of positive elevation gain.
The organization of the Transgrancanaria HG once again amazes fans of the world of mountain racing thanks to the maintenance of the Transgrancanaria 360º, a highly demanding race where runners will have to cover 265 kilometers with an accumulated difference in altitude of 33,000 meters.

The reissue of this adventure test will be attended by more than a hundred runners from twenty countries, including great international figures such as Peter Kienzl, winner of the Italian 4K and the female winner of the Tor des Geants, AnneMarie Gross, in addition by Christophe Le Saux, Petr Mil, Luca Papi, Eugeni Roselló, Pablo Criado, Julián Morcillo or Marina Plavan, third in the Tor des Geants and seventh in the TDS.

The Transgrancanaria 360º will start on Wednesday, February 22 at 09:00 am, departing from ExpoMeloneras, the stage where the rest of the races will arrive. The entire sports calendar will take place during the week of February 22-26, where we can enjoy the classic Transgrancanaria HG 125 and the Advanced, Marathon, Starter, Promo and Family Trans races.


It is a race designed to measure for adventure lovers and will have a start and finish in Expomeloneras. The test will last for five days, from Wednesday, February 22 to Sunday, February 26. The test will run through the most beautiful corners of Gran Canaria, and participants will enjoy an island full of contrasts: from deep ravines to lush forests, passing through coastal terrain and volcanic areas that are unique in the world.

It is a challenge without marking and with a positive cumulative difference of 16,500 meters where each runner will have to demonstrate their ability to navigate following the track provided by the organization and not exceed one hundred and one hours of running. It will be the athletes themselves who will manage their supplies and the use of the five life bases where they can take a shower, eat, recharge the batteries of their devices or rest.



The Transgrancanaria 360º is an individual and autonomous mountain test.
The purpose of the 360º is to carry out a certain route without exceeding the established time.
Participation in this modality will be individual.
The participant must master the necessary techniques and have adequate preparation to face this challenge: mastery of orientation techniques, preparation to endure changing natural conditions, ability to assist other runners in case of need and tolerance to fatigue, lack of sleep and eating problems.
The route will not be marked. The runner must follow the track provided by the organization on dates prior to the race.
The tour must be done in semi-self-sufficiency. Participants will manage as they deem convenient their refreshments and their rest periods. Throughout the tour, the organization will provide life bases in which the participants have a free rest and food area.
The supply will be allowed in any other establishment open to the public during the tour, always at the expense of the participants.
External assistance will only be allowed in the organization's life bases. It is strictly prohibited at any other point of the route, assuming the penalty for the runner who incurred in this infraction.


The runner must follow this protocol to enroll in this modality:

  1. As in the other modalities, you must have an account created in the Chronorace registration portal.
    Once the registration is confirmed, access with your username and password and choose the "Transgrancanaria HG" degree. If the inscriptions are still open, you can select the 360º modality.
  2. You will have to fill out the generic race form, as well as one specific for the 360º modality.
  3. The broker will pay the registration fee directly.
  4. The organization will have 25 days to evaluate the application and consider the runner for this challenge to be "suitable" or "not suitable". If the application is denied, the organization will refund the full amount of the registration to the broker.
  5. The decision of the organization to consider the runner as fit / unfit will be final.
  6. The organization will close the registrations once it reaches 200 accepted applications.


  • Water tank / s with a minimum capacity of 3 liters
  • Safety Energy Food Reserve
  • 2 flashlights in good working order with spare batteries in sufficient quantity for the estimated maximum test time
  • Survival blanket (minimum 140x210cm)
  • Whistle
  • Mobile phone with international option (no hidden number)
  • 1 charger (solar, external battery ...) that ensures the autonomy of mobile phone and gps during the maximum duration of the race.
  • 1 warm long-sleeved underwear in breathable fabric
  • 1 jacket and 1 waterproof pants with breathable membrane
  • 1 poncho raincoat
  • 1 pants or long sports mesh
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 cap
  • 1 waste pocket
  • 1 multi-use glass / tank bottle cycling
  • Compass
  • Knife / Knife
  • 1 GPS in which the traces provided by the organization will have been loaded. This device must be able to accept at least 20 tracks of at least 5,000 points each.

The Roadbook and the route maps provided by the organization

  • 1 Light Bivvy Tent or 1 Survival Coat / Bivouac Holster (100% Rain and Windproof)
  • 1 first aid kit to heal small wounds and benign conditions.
  • Cash money (euros)
  • Identity document with photo

Recommended material:

  • Canes
  • Spare garments
  • Purifying pills
  • Rope
  • Sunscreen
  • Vaseline
  • Anti-chafing cream ...

The Transgrancanaria 360º will grant 6 qualification points for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc