Sat 19 Jun 2021

Triatlón La Rioja

Logroño, La Rioja
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The La Rioja Triathlon already has a confirmed date. Organized by the Rioja Triathlon Club, Innevento Sports, the Rioja Triathlon Delegation and FETRI, its 2021 edition will take place on June 19. Better known as #WineTri , the test seeks to provide a unique experience for participants. Among its winners are triathletes such as Gustavo Rodríguez or Judith Corachán .

Participation is open to all athletes who wish, as long as they are of legal age and have fulfilled all the registration requirements both on time and in form. It is a special and different test because the start of the contest takes place after 2 noon, and thus enjoying all the daylight hours of a day in June.

The route of this triathlon event will take place under the HALF (medium distance) modality with a distance of 1.9kms. swimming, 90kms. cycling and 21kms. on foot race. Participation is limited to 650 athletes to avoid drafting and keep the competition clean.


Swimming Segment

Elite Exit and Staggered Exits

This year, and as a novelty, 3 staggered and differentiated outings are planned from the beginning to improve the experience in the swimming sector in the waters of the Ebro river. In addition to the female outing , which would take place first, giving prominence to each As the number of female participants increases, there will be two more differentiated departures in the male age group category, decreasing the number of participants in the first stages of the swimming sector. This differentiation by sex and by batches will allow a faster, more comfortable and safer swimming for all participants.

As every year, there will be the female start, a single start, at 2:40 pm, which will start the test in the La Rioja Triathlon.

10 minutes later, at 14:50 the first male outing will take place with a first group of participants. From the organization we recommend that triathletes who can complete the 1900 meters of swimming in less than 30 minutes or the total running time of a Medium Distance triathlon in 5h 15 minutes register in this output.

Just 1 minute later, at 14:51, the second men's start will start , with the remaining group of participants.

The time in classifications of the participants in each of the sectors, as well as the final time, will be in any case the real time invested , taking into account the time of departure of their batch (the time that elapses from the exact time from the start of your session until the time of arrival at the pits / finish line)

Starting at exit 1 or exit 2 does not limit for any of the classifications or awards given in the La Rioja Triathlon.

The inscription to each one of the batches is under the free responsibility of each participant . The organization will not control times or rankings for said decision. For the safety of all, the organization can stop selling bibs for one of the two batches when the time comes, the departure choice of each of the registered until then being respected. The organization reserves a quota of 50 numbers from the first round for commitments and invitations.

Cycling Segment 90 Km.

90 km circular route with departure and arrival at the Adarraga slopes in Logroño.

T1 is in Paseo de las Norias and we will cross the city through Vara del Rey and Avenida de Madrid to exit towards Lardero. We will pass through the towns of Sorzano, Daroca, Sotés, Alesón, Huércanos and Cenicero before entering the Rioja Alavesa to reach Laguardia . From there and bordering the Ebro we will return to Logroño.

  • Logroño
  • Lardero
  • Sorzano
  • Sojuela and Medrano
  • Daroca de Rioja
  • Moncalvillo, Sotés and Ventosa ovens.
  • Alesón
  • Huercanos
  • Ashtray
  • The blind
  • The guard
  • Lapuebla
  • The bluebell
  • Logroño


  • DRAFTING is not allowed.
  • Always drive on the right side of the road.
  • The Circuit will be properly signposted and with kilometer points every 5km.
  • The Circuit will be partially closed to traffic.
  • Along the route there will be two aid stations: one in the town of Sojuela (km 23.5) and the other in Cenicero (km 52.8).

The route is very fast with a maximum slope of 8%, a cumulative positive drop of 1000m in 90km of the circuit (2% of positive drop on average).

The first 15km are practically flat (1% positive average) and with long straights where you can fly coupled. The first stumbling block to warm the legs is the climb to the joto with 3km at 4.7%. After a slide and recovery zone, 5km further (km 25) is the second stretch of climb: 3km at 4.1%. Again the slides and slight descents areas return where you can fly between vineyards to the last positive section at km 56: 8km with a positive average slope of 2.5% where the hardest area will be a last kilometer at 5% . From that point to the finish line, the last 22km, it has a negative drop (-0.91%) with which to regain some strength to arrive with legs to run.

Race segment on foot 21 km.

Urban circuit and will run through the streets of Logroño and the banks of the Ebro (21 Km 7x 3).

Leaving the Adarraga towards the jetty, we will turn to the right to cross the two banks of the Ebro crossing the Sagasta bridge (white bridge designed by Calatrava and known as the Fourth Bridge). We will return to change the shore by the walkway after leaving behind the parks of La Isla, La Concordia and the Ebro. We will pass under the Iron Bridge continuing along the shore and after passing the Casa de las Ciencies we will climb the walkway to leave the river and return to the Iron Bridge by the sidewalk. After crossing the bridge, we will reach the streets of the old town, visiting such emblematic points as the Co-cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda, crossing the bustling Portales street . After returning through the Punte de Hierro we will turn left to return to the Adarraga athletics tracks and start a new lap.

The start and finish will be on the Adarraga athletics tracks from where the spectators will be able to follow the race as they have stands and both transitions.


  • Urban circuit totally closed to traffic.
  • There will be 2 solid / liquid supply points in each round, plus one only liquid.
  • We will also have 4 public fountains and a 100m stretch with steam that we will activate if the weather requires it.
  • The Circuit will be properly signposted and with kilometer points every 1km.

Course: 3 laps for a total of 21km.

It will be a flat circuit, with just 100 meters of unevenness per lap.

Mandatory equipment

  • The one marked by the FETRI competition regulations.


  • Liquid provisioning (water) in km1 / km8 / km15 at the exit of the Adarraga
  • Solid provisioning (Crown Sport Nutrition gels + fruit) and liquid (water and powerade) at km1.1 /km8.1 /km15.1 on the esplanade at the end of the Ebro river path.
  • Solid provisioning (Crown Sport Nutrition gels + fruit) and liquid (water and powerade) at km 3.7 / km10.7 / km17.7 at the Casa de las Ciencias.
  • Also Fuentes at km 1.8; km 2.5; km 3.5; 3.68 km of each lap


  • Drink
  • Food
  • Shower
  • Wardrobe
  • Massage
  • Exposition
  • Assistance
  • parking
  • Medals
  • Photography



17: 00-20: 00 Collection of bibs at the Espacio Lagares (Calle Ruavieja, 18)

19:30 and 20:30 Briefing tour at the Espacio Lagares (Calle Ruavieja, 18)


09: 30-14: 00 Collection of Bibs ( In the Fronton Adarraga )

12: 00-14: 00 Entrance in Transition Area and material control

14:15 Transition Area Closure

14:30 Dry call chamber

14:40 Female Start (Elite and GGEE)

14:50 Male Elite Outing

14:51 Exit 1 GGEE Male

14:54 Exit 2 GGEE Male

15:10 Start traced by bike

17:25 Start of the bike path

18:50 First place finish finish

19:30 Awards ceremony 3 first classified and classified of the La Rioja Triathlon

21:45 Awards ceremony Age groups, teams and La Rioja Championship

22:30 End of degree