Thu 1 Oct 2020 - Mon 5 Oct 2020

Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal

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The Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal , which is preparing to celebrate its twelfth edition from October 1 to 5 , 2020 , is far from being a common path; It is both a sporty and a human adventure.

The Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal , also known as UTAT for close friends, is a sporting challenge that takes place over four days and so many races, in an exceptional environment in the heart of the Atlas and on the peaks of Jbel Toubkal , in Morocco ! The races Taking place primarily at high altitude, UTAT is a technically and physically demanding trail that requires serious preparation, morals, and strong legs!

For this 12th edition, the Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal offers various distances and formats from Oukaimeden :

  • The Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal , an extraordinary trail of 105 kilometers and more than 8,000 vertical meters
  • The Atlas marathon , a 42-kilometer trail with a 2,600-meter drop
  • La Virée d'Ikkiss , a magnificent trail of 26 kilometers and 1,400 meters of elevation gain
  • The Amazigh Way , a very accessible excursion of 12 kilometers and 500 meters of altitude.

The winner of the 2019 Ultra Trail World Tour and the UMTB 2019, the athlete Pau Capell is one of the entries and is eagerly waiting to compete with the Atlas Toubkal and the routes that the organization has simmered. You just need! Reserve your place in half board and live an unforgettable experience!


The Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal offers sumptuous trails in the impressive setting of the Moroccan High Atlas.

  • Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal

The Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal is a 130 kilometer, 8,000 meter elevation ultra trail that starts at night from the base camp on the Oukaïmeden Plateau and heads towards the first step of the course, that of Tizi n 'Addi at 2,960 meters above sea level. The UTAT route then descends to the town of Tacheddirt before attacking the pass of the same name for approximately 1,360 meters of elevation in this 16 kilometer section. Then head to the town of Iabassen before joining Timichi for a first supply. Then it will be necessary to chain the Tizi Tamatert, Amenzel, Oumchichka and Tougroudaden passes, as well as climb the Tizi n'Tifourhate and the giant Adrar N'Tarharate that climbs in three stages. The traileurs will descend to the Aremd circus and return to civilization. You will have to pass the last two passes: the Aguersioual pass and the Oukaïmeden pass, which will take you to the finish line for a well-deserved rest.

  • Atlas Marathon

A more accessible trail of 42 kilometers and 2,600 meters of elevation that connects the villages of Timichi, Iabassene before climbing the Tizi n'Tacheddirt more than 3,200 meters above sea level. The route will then descend at Tacheddirt to climb Jbel Anggour and Tizi n'Addi before joining the finish line.

  • Trip to Ikkiss

A 26-kilometer, 1,400-meter-high high-altitude trail rises from Oukaïmeden and climbs the Tizi n'Addi and Tizi n'Oukaïmeden with a pass through the town of Tacheddirt.

  • Amazigh trail

A condensed mountain trail that takes place on an accessible route of 12 kilometers and 500 meters of elevation difference around the Oukaïmeden plateau.


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October 2, 2020:

  • 9 am to 6 pm: checks and bib withdrawal
  • 11 am - 2 pm: Transfers from Marrakech
  • 6 pm - 7 pm: briefings for the Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal and the Atlas Marathon
  • 7:30 pm.: Pre-race meal
  • 0h: Departure from the Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal

October 3, 2020:

  • 6 am.: Start of the Atlas marathon
  • 5 pm.: Ceremony of delivery of the Atlas marathon
  • 7:30 pm.: Post-race meal

October 4, 2020:

  • 9 am: departure of the Ikkiss spree
  • 10 am: departure from the Amazigh trail
  • 12 noon: Camino Amazigh awards ceremony
  • 4 pm.: Awards ceremony for the trip to Ikkiss
  • 6.30 pm.: Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal awards ceremony
  • 7:30 pm.: Closing meal

October 5, 2020:

  • 5h - 12h: transfer back to Marrakech