Sat 2 Oct 2021

10% Descuento | Unbroken Race

Vila-real, Castellón
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There's a date for the 2020 Unbroken Race !

Racetick offers you to participate in the Unbroken Race competition, which consists of 4 different races in Rincón del Soto, Chinchilla de Montearagón, Oropesa del Mar and Vila-real. Specifically, we propose the appointment to be held in Vila-real on September 26, 2020 . The Vila-real test is considered the best of the entire edition and, not in vain, is the one that will be responsible for closing this second edition.

The Unbroken Race Championship is a circuit of all the editions held during the year in which the participants add points as a league, at the end of the championship the Top 3 of each category will be awarded. The four tests will be scoring and to qualify for the final classification, a minimum of 3 tests will be required. From 15 classified onwards 5 points and decalific @ s 1 point.

Are you ready for this epic and historical journey? Don't hesitate to ask for your bib number!


The natural setting of the termet is the best perfect setting for all audiences. Pine forests, botanical trails and the Majares river at its best. All in order to be very fun.

The distance consists of 8km + 30 obstacles.


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