dom. 20 sep. 2020

Ventouxman Triathlon - France

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Come and face the myth of the VentouxMan triathlon half ! One of the best known French triathlons taking place on September 20, 2020 at Lapalud in France.

The exceptional setting of Mont Ventoux , the best-known mountain in Provence in France and the world summit of cycling, to compete in a legendary long-distance triathlon!

  • 2 km of swimming in Lac des Girardes in Lapalud
  • 90 km of cycling through vineyards and typical villages of Vaucluse, with the justice of the rise of the legendary Ventoux de Bédoin, its most difficult side
  • 20 km of natural running (500 MD +) around the Mont Serein ski resort

Erik Merino , the professional triathlete from Muntanyola of the Club Triatló Granollers competed last year in the VentouxMan Triathlon. It was successful in 2017 and Marcel Zamora participates every year in the VentouxMan.


The VentouxMan is a long distance triathlon with 2 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 20 km of running. The event takes place in the Vaucluse department - France.

The route of the swimming section is 2km with a cut of 1h10

Triathletes leave from the Girardes lake in Lapalud.
They are two 1000m laps with an Australian type start that makes it difficult, but it does offer spectacular views on the beach!

The bicycle section also has a cut after 7:10, including swimming and T1.

It is a 90km bicycle route with 2300m of positive slope. The first 35 kms are quite similar to previous editions. At first a plain and then we pass through Bollène and charming landscapes with lavender and vineyards. Then there is a climb to the Col de Champ Paga through the town of La Roque-Alric. We pass by the town of Bédoin and the magnificent Col de la Madeleine road ...

The running section has a cut after 10h from the start of the race. The course is a "Nature" type consisting of an 80% route with an offroad track around the Mont Serein station , which is the theater for this last very special piece.
100m of positive slope for each lap

  • 4 laps of 5 km, to fully enjoy the atmosphere and to be animated by your friends and family!
  • 2 aid stations, of which the Forest chosen "best in 2018"!
  • A meal on arrival awaits you and massages to recover from your efforts, at the very beautiful campsite in Le Mont Serein .


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Saturday September 19, 2020

Lapalud - Plan d'eau des Girardes - from 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

  • Bib number collection
  • Collection of bags for T2 from 12 noon - it is mandatory to do it on Saturday (the box will be guarded day and night)
  • Pit opening
  • Collection of rented bicycles (reservation in advance mandatory)

Novelty 2020 with the distance KIDS (6-13 years)!
2.30 pm : Start of the Mini Poussins category (2012-2013);
Swimming distances 50m; 1000m Vélo; 500m Race
3.15pm: Start Poussins category (2010-2011);
Distances 100m Swimming; 2000m Vélo; 1000m Race
16h00: Start Pupilles category (2008-2009);
Distances 200m Swimming; 4000m Vélo; 1500m Race
4:45 pm: Benjamin category start (2006-2007);
Distances 200m Swimming; 4000m Bicycle; 1500m Race

Sunday September 20, 2020

Test day - Departure from Lac des Girardes à Lapalud; Arrival in Mont-Serein

  • 5h00 Departure of the buses from the Mont Serein station
  • 5h30 Bus departure from Malaucène (option at € 18)
  • 6h-7h15 Access to the box - it will not be allowed to leave things
  • 7:20 Briefing
  • 7:30 several departures
        • 7:30 am : Women (white hat)
        • 7h35 : Relay (black hat)
        • 7:40 am: Men (white hat)
  • 12:45 Estimated arrival of the first participant
  • 15h00 Opening of the box to collect things
  • 15h30 Prize giving
  • 18h00 Arrival of the last triathletes