Mon 17 May 2021 - Tue 25 May 2021

Virtual Run 5K

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Participate in the next Virtual Run 5K. The virtual solidarity race against the Covid-19 organized by Racetick.

You will support a cause to help fight the virus, and you will measure yourself (and with others) to know how fit you are.

Specifically, the benefits of the event will be allocated to the fight against Covid-19 through the #yomecorono movement that brings together the Fight Against AIDS Foundation, Irsi Caixa and the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital and which have already raised more than 2 million from €.



  1. Register (registrations open from Monday, May 11)
  2. You will receive your race number by email -> print it (if you can, it is not mandatory)
  3. Challenge 3 friends sharing a photo of yourself with the bib (or without, as you prefer) on networks with the hashtag # virtualrun5k
  4. Run 5K
  5. Attach your time by uploading a screenshot on this page.
  6. Receive your diploma


  • Find the route where you are going to carry out your virtual career well. The more you have the route well defined and thought, the less unforeseen you will find that will hinder your performance.
  • Decide when to run, depending on whether you are relaxed, you have rested well and it has been at least 2 hours since your last meal.
  • You need a GPS watch or a mobile application that monitors your route and time. Here we make a list of the GPS or applications that you can use.
  • Charge your device well, and familiarize yourself well with it before starting, so as not to have technical problems just before, during or after the race.


At the end of the 5km, enter this page and validate your time by attaching the screen of your device that accredits the distance and the time generated (you can upload your file in a link enabled for that).

If you have done more kilometers than the exact 5K, do not worry, we will adjust it based on your average pace.

You can see yourself in the general classification and download your diploma.

DON'T FORGET to gather friends in this challenge, you will enjoy more sharing the experience and we will raise more funds for the #yomecorono cause .

Cheer up and run!

Frequent questions.

How is it controlled if the participants have actually completed all the kilometers?

Each participant sends us the screenshot of their device that accredits their time and distance.

Of course, we cannot control who wants to cheat, but this event is not a competitive test with others, instead it is a competitive test with oneself, therefore if someone does not play "fair play" the only one who he will be fooling himself.

Where do I have to do the 5 kilometers?

As it is a virtual race, you can do the 5 kilometers where you want. Participant face will carry out the kilometers where better it goes to him.

Of course, we recommend that you choose a place that you know well, that is as flat as possible and not crowded so that you can run without interruptions.

What do we gain by participating in a VIRTUAL RACE?

  • First, you are supporting a charitable cause.
  • You are part of a community of runners from all over Spain.
  • You are measuring yourself.
  • You are doing a 5K test that will help you know what shape you are in
  • You participate in a fun experience
  • You participate in an event in which hundreds / thousands of other participants will participate but without crowds (each one competes the day they want)
  • You rank next to everyone else
  • You are part of the exclusive community that will have carried out the challenge
  • You're free. You decide to participate with who you want and when you want


The tour is up to you, you just have to worry that it is:

  • 5 kilometers
  • As flat a terrain as possible
  • A pedestrian and little crowded place to avoid having to make stops or change direction


This is the best part of a virtual career.

You run when you want, when you do better, when you are ready.

Just keep in mind that you have to choose a time to run the 5km between May 11 at 00:00 until May 18 at 23:59.


Position Dorsal Name 195Josep Díaz Carretero00:15:53254Luis Miguel Valverde Arranz00:17:313113PABLO GONZÁLEZ MIGUEL00:18:594101José Antonio Rivero Plaza00:19:255127Antoni Bravo Garrigues00:19:25646Alfonso Echegaray00:19:53785Rubén Sevillano Jiménez 00:19:59