Sun 22 Nov 2020

WodRun Barcelona

Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona
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As a result of the preventive actions against COVID-19 (better known as coronavirus), the WodRun Barcelona test has had to modify its date and postpone the event until November 22.


It is a 1 km race followed by one of the functional training sessions and must be repeated 7 times. The participant will have to complete in order the 1 km race and the numerically classified and designated functional trainings (run, exercise, run, exercise, etc.) until they have completed a total of 7 km of race and 7 functional trainings. The approximate duration to finish the competition is between 50-90 minutes and depending on your fitness level. The event will take place at La Farga l'Hospitalet in Barcelona. We have an incredible site that has 8,000m².

The scheduled date will be November 22. This competition is suitable for everyone who wants to try on and demonstrate their limits beginners, intermediate, elite and disabled athletes are welcome to participate in the competition individually or in pairs. To participate you must be at least 18 years old on the day of the competition.

It offers 2 divisions . The divisions differ in gender, repetition, and / or weight. The running distance remains the same in all divisions: each participant must run 1 km between each training and a total distance of 7 km. Participants will start in different series according to their division.

If you want to be part of something incredible, sign up for the WodRun Barcelona which is an event for everyone who wants to challenge themselves. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the event, without having to participate. It will bring many surprises and music, foodtrucks and many other things more. Sign up now!


The race distance will always be 1000 m and will be divided into 2.5 laps. The first route may not be entirely 1000 m due to the staggered start. In this case, the missing meters will be balanced in the last round.

Athletes participating in pairs must run together at all times for a full distance of 1000m between training stations.


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Information will be updated soon

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