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Yeti Bike Race

Besi Sahar
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The YETI BIKE RACE NEPAL race is a Mountain Bike race in stages surrounding the Annapurnas Tour in the Natural Park with the same name in 6 stages (two neutralized), organized by Makalu Adventure and Geo-Planet and the collaboration of the municipalities of the Anapurnas Natural Park. It is sponsored by Isostar and includes numerous services for the athlete, to make it an unforgettable experience.

It will be held from September 22 to 24, 2021, and consists of 7 stages in a total journey of 11 days with a total distance of 240km. approximately and 7000m. accumulated unevenness. In addition to a stage race, it is an experience trip, open to participants and companions who want to enjoy the experience of visiting one of the most spectacular itineraries on the planet for a few days; THE TOUR OF THE ANNAPURNAS.

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STAGE 1 BESI SAHAR - YAGAT. 30K and 1200m of accumulated difference in altitude.

We travel in a private vehicle from the organization from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar, where we arrive around 1:00 p.m. Light meal and start of the first stage that will pass by track in the Marsyarni Mani river valley, always ascending northwards surrounded by a subtropical landscape, where it is easy to find perennial species such as banana trees. The mountains on both sides of the river are gigantic although the perpetual snows of the Himalayas are far away.

Upon our arrival in the village of Yagat, a bath in its hot springs awaits us as a reward for our deserved effort. Free time, walk and dinner around 8:00 p.m. to rest.

The distance and unevenness in this first stage is not excessive but some ramps exceed 15% so you have to take the route calmly and reserve strength for the following days.

STAGE 2 YAGAT - KOTO. 32Kilometers and 2500m of accumulated positive difference.

It is the hardest stage of the YETI BIKE RACE. It starts at 9.00 am and accumulates 2500m of unevenness in "only" 32 kilometers. The ascent is mostly on a bumpy track, avoiding bridges while we see waterfalls on both sides of the road and the landscape changes constantly, leaving the bushes to reach the coniferous forest; pines, firs, cedars ...

At this stage we pass numerous villages and we will have provisioning at km 20 in Tal and at km 18 in Gabarchap. The altitude can start to feel as we have 20% less oxygen than at sea level. The goal is in Koto where we will eat and in the afternoon we will do a gentle acclimatization trek and we will take the opportunity to visit a Buddhist Temple.

STAGE 3 KOTO - MANANG. 32Kilometers and 1600m of accumulated positive difference.

It is a stage in which we will feel the effects of the altitude since the goal is located in Manang, at 3300m above sea level.

The orography is less demanding than in the previous stages, since from kilometer 10, after the Bhratang feed station, we reach a plateau at 3000m altitude through which we constantly pedal without great slopes on a false plain that is wearing down. From here we already witnessed some of the great peaks of the Annapurnas massif, at more than 8000m high. The second provisioning is found in Humde, a picturesque town surrounded by slender pine trees. The forest begins to diminish due to the lack of oxygen and it becomes arid arriving at Manang, where the goal and the food are located. In the afternoon, gentle acclimatization trekking to visit the Ganggapurna glacier, which lies close to Manang, and the guide will explain the operation of the glaciers.

STAGE 4. Manang to Ledar. 11km and 900m. ACCLIMATION DAY. NOT TIMED

Short but demanding stage due to the altitude. Active rest day. The start can be done in group or individual as it does not count for the classification. A very slow pace is recommended to promote acclimatization. It is an itinerary that impresses by the magnitude of the mountains that surround us, some exceeding 7000m. We passed numerous mountain shelters, identified with their Nepalese flags. A day for observation and acclimatization at altitude where we observe small coniferous forests and creeping junipers, where yaks, wild Himalayan goats and even the elusive and threatened snow leopard move.

Lunch in Ledar, at 4200m and Trekking in the afternoon. Dinner and accommodation in a mountain hotel.

The route of this short stage is 60% cyclable, not due to its unevenness.

not because of the difficulty presented by the altitude, so it is recommended to do it calmly. Path by 90% and track by 10%. The climbs at some points exceed 20% of unevenness.


SECTOR 1 (NOT TIMED) 7.00hrs you leave Ledar with porters to ascend to High Point where the exit will be. It is the highest pass on the cycling planet, at 5416m above sea level. 7km and 1000m difference in altitude. Lunch at High Point.

SECTOR 2 4th Stage YETI MTBR 12.00hrs. High Camp - Marpa. 37Km. with accumulated 900m of ascent and -3000 of descent through incredible 98% cyclable hills. 2 aid stations. The Lupra Valley is considered one of the most beautiful descents on the planet. In the afternoon visit the Buddhist monastery in Marpa. Dinner and accommodation in a mountain hotel.


It is the last timed stage of the test. Here the champions and Final of the YETI MTB Race in Tatopami will be decided. We leave next to the river that we will cross through its footbridges on different occasions, occasionally entering forests of incomparable beauty. We will have provisioning in the village of Ghasa and we will find picturesque villages in our path.

We will finish in Tatopami, a renowned municipality where we will bathe in its thermal waters. In the afternoon final competition ceremony. Dinner and accommodation in a mountain hostel. END OF COMPETITION

STAGE 7. YETI MTBR (NOT TIMED and optional) Tatopami - Beni. 22 kms and 400m ascent 900 descent.

We left neutralized from Tatopami, enjoying this last untimed stage to leave a taste of union between the group. Whoever prefers it can get off in the organization's vehicle. Lunch and bus transfer to Pokkara. Visit lake and closing party of the YETI MTB Race. Deliver trophies and finisher medals. Dinner and hotel accommodation.


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YET IBIKE RACE NEPAL is a trip organized by the Nepal Makalu Adventure Expedition and Travel Agency and operated by Europa Travel SA


Departures from Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona with a guide. Bikes can go on the flight (check conditions)

to SEPT 18.
Arrival at Kathmandu International Airport. The Makalu Adventures staff with the guide receive and transfer you in a private vehicle. Sightseeing and food in Kathmandu. In the afternoon, welcome ceremony at Bhojan Griha Restaurant with folkloric act. Thamel Eco Resort hotel accommodation

Breakfast and departure 7.00am in a private vehicle towards Beni Sahar. Arrival around 13.00. Food, preparation and unpacking of bikes. Technical briefing talk of the test. Free time and dinner.


Breakfast from 7.30 a.m. 9.00hrs departure 1st STAGE YETI BIKE RACE . Beni Sahar - Jagat. Expected arrival from 12:00 to 14:00 hrs. Day in which we ascend from a subtropical forest to a transitional landscape, where we begin to see large pine trees. We circumvent streams formed by large waterfalls that descend along our path.

Hot spring bath upon arrival in Jagat. Dinner and accommodation in a mountain hostel.


Breakfast from 7:30 a.m. 9.00hrs. 2nd STAGE YETI BIKE RACE . Jagat-Chame. Expected arrival from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Short but demanding stage in which we climb steadily and continuously, with unevenness that in some cases exceeds 15 and even 20% of unevenness. We are over 2500m tall, which can start to be sensitive to bikers. The landscape is transforming

Lunch and soft trekking with a visit to the Chame hot springs. Free time. Dinner and accommodation in a mountain hostel.


Breakfast from 7:30. 9:00 a.m. 3rd STAGE YETI BIKE RACE . Koto-Manang. Expected arrival from 12:00 to 14:00 hrs. Stage that passes between forests of large coniferous species such as cedars, pines or Nepalese firs and that takes place in a false plateau where we are slowly gaining height. Here the height is already a handicap because we ended up in Manang at 3400m altitude

Lunch and soft trekking with thematic guided tour of the Ganggapurna Glacier. Free time. Dinner and accommodation in a mountain hostel


Acclimatization day. 4th STAGE YETI BIKE RACE. Manang-Ledar-Phedi (NEUTRALIZED) Breakfast at 9:30 and departure to Ledar in group or individually but it is always recommended very smooth. Day to observe the Himalayas and their fauna as we enter the territory of the snow leopard and the blue muflon. Dense forests give way to small species of junipers twisted by the winds.

Lunch in Ledar and soft trekking in the afternoon to facilitate acclimatization upon arrival in Phedi. Dinner and accommodation in a mountain refuge in Thorong Phedi.


We get up early at 6.00 am for breakfast and leave in a neutral way to ascend on foot with the porters slowly to High Point, very close to Thorong La Pass, the highest point of the route, at 5416m. Here the organization will bring us clothes if necessary due to meteorology. We are surrounded by peaks that exceed 6000m such as Purbung Himal or Thorung Peak with its imposing glaciers. Start of the 5th STAGE OF THE YETI BIKE RACE , with a long, cycling and very scenic descent passing from the snows to the mystical desert of the Mustang valley that will take us to Kagbeni (refreshment station) and that will continue through the valley to Jomsom, to finish in the picturesque village of Marpha. After the deserved meal, we will visit its Buddhist temple. Cella and accommodation in a mountain hostel in Marpha.


Breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Exit of the 6th STAGE YETI BIKE RACE , descending smoothly along the Kali Gandaki Nadi river that we will cross several times along its footbridges, continuously entering and leaving tracks to wooded trails and ascending a soft port to visit the lake and town of Titi. At this stage, the final classification and winners of the test are decided.

Arrival at Tatopami and end of the timed race. In this town we will bathe in its thermal waters. Food, reading of the final classification and delivery of leaders' bibs. Dinner and accommodation in a mountain hostel in Tatopani.

Sep 26

Breakfast at 9.00 and optional and neutralized departure of the 7th YETI BIKE RACE STAGE by track from Tatopami to Beni. Anyone who wishes can go down in the organization's van to Beni where we pick up the bikers who will be transported to Pokkara, where the final closing ceremony of the YETI BIKE RACE is held and the end of the Annapurnas Tour dinner is made. Accommodation in first class hotel with pool in Pokkara.


Breakfast and optional Pokkara-Kathmandu departure by organization vehicle or by plane (with supplement). The bus trip lasts 7-8 hours and stops to eat en route. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, free time, shopping etc. Trophy ceremony and closing party with dinner. Hotel accommodation.


Breakfast and transfer to the airport for departure at 07:35 on the Kathmandu-Istanbul flight (Turkish airlines offers a free night + transfers to hotel and dinner in Istanbul 4 * hotel.


Flight Istanbul-final destination.

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