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Increase the number of participants in your event by activating your event sheet on Racetick.

Choose Racetick for your event and focus on the essentials: organizing your event.

Promote your event to the Racetick sports community and increase the number of registrants by an average of 10%

Racetick is at the service of athletes.

  • We are an intermediary between the participants and you.
  • We offer many other services to assist you in organizing your event.

We are a platform serving athletes! If the participants ask us to manage a registration for your event for them: we will contact you directly.

Racetick, how does it work?
The participant creates an account on Racetick
He then registers for your event
Racetick then automatically re-registers the participant in your official list.

Gain visibility with the Racetick community to boost your registrations by being part of our premium events!

Ready, Set ?
Racetick not only adds you to its calendar of events, but our team can also create for you an e-marketing campaign, a multi-channel strategy! We manage for you the ads on social networks so that you reach a targeted audience on the internet. You join our network of partners and make yourself known to new sponsors.
The advantages of Racetick
  • Make yourself known to the Racetick sports community
  • Join our premium + events, our events not to be missed.
  • Technical adaptation to your registration platform
  • Gain credibility with a targeted audience
You have absolutely nothing to do, the Racetick teams will take care of everything for you if you wish!
Our team will always be there to answer your questions and to communicate the campaign results to you on request!
Activate your event in 3 steps:
Let's go !
Complete this online form and we will put you in direct contact with you to present the most suitable offer!
Activation of your campaign
We reference your test on Racetick and we start to promote it with our community thanks to our e-marketing tools.
Guaranteed visibility gain:
Athletes (re) discover you and you win participants, sponsors, without realizing it.
They talk about us
“By posting our event on Racetick, we got more registrants than we hope and did nothing.”
Juanan Fernandez, Running Solutions
“Racetick gives us the opportunity to make ourselves known to new participants, who would not have known us otherwise. Thanks to Racetick, we also offer our participants a more professional service. ”
Mauro Llorens, Win Sports
Discover the services offered by Racetick:
Activation and promotion:
We publish your event on Racetick and you choose according to your budget the options adapted to the profiles of your event.
Registration platform
We redirect registrations for you thanks to our intuitive platform for athletes
We offer an optional open challenge service for your event. It is for you the opportunity to join a real ecosystem and make your event an unmissable event, known and recognized in your discipline.
Many organizers already trust us.
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participants in Europe
+ 15%
monthly traffic growth
€ 35
average price of a registration
About Racetick:
What is
Racetick is a platform that simplifies the lives of participants. They find their proof and are redirected directly to your online form. The organizers choose Racetick to make themselves known to a wider audience and / or to boost registrations.
Boost my event, Késako?
In short, it's about increasing the number of registrations! On Racetick, 45% of visitors wish to register for an event. Make it easy and don't lose them with too much information. Once the participant has found your event file, he clicks on the register button and is redirected to your online form. In addition, thanks to e-marketing tools and social media campaigns that are specifically dedicated to you, you can choose which audience to target.
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