About Racetick

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Racetick is the platform that regroups all events and makes life easier for the participant.


    Racetick is the most complete search engine and calendar for sporting events on the market.

    We put at your disposal all the tests of Running, Trail run, Cycling, MTB, Triathlon and Swimming with multiple filters so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

    In addition, we have created the EPIC modality in which you will be able to find different tests, harder, more epic ... in short, great challenges in remote places, which must be done once in a lifetime.


    Racetick offers you many discounts and offers on your favorite events.

    Thanks to our negotiations with organizations we are able to offer participants the possibility to participate in events paying less.

    Register and discover in which tests there are discounts or offers.


    Racetick is the platform with which you can register for most events.

    Many organizers channel their entries through Racetick, so the participant can register from a single platform to their favorite events and also ... save money.

    On your second registration made at Racetick, you will receive a € 5 credit

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The team

We are a young, involved team whose ambition is to become a sport Advisor to offer the best user experience to athletes.

Our values

We are athletes and we try to transmit this attitude at work

PASSION in what we do

DISCIPLINE on a daily basis

HONESTY in front of our clients

PLANNING our goals

HARD WORK to offer the best product on the market

We are athletes, because we enjoy training and we love to compete.

Competing against ourselves:

  • to feel good
  • to improve ourselves
  • to face daily discipline
  • to be stronger in the face of life's adversities

We are athletes.

Everyday athletes. Of those who leave home in the morning with a backpack ready. Of those who suffer the day they do not train.

We like to keep up. Give it your all and keep pushing.

We are athletes. It is written in our DNA.

If you too, we already have a lot in common